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BeansIf you would like to become a wholesale customer of Blue Fire Coffee Roasters, please begin by submitting our wholesaler inquiry form.

Blue Fire Coffee Roasters prides itself on providing its wholesale customers with not only the highest-quality coffee - but also superior dedication to sustaining positive business relationships. While our mission is to have everyone who enjoys a great cup of coffee choose our brand, it is equally important for us to build a positive relationship beyond that first cup or initial order, to do whatever is possible to make the business life of our customers easier, not harder.

To us, a wholesale customer is any business that shares our appreciation for quality and enjoys a great cup of coffee as a part of its daily life. We don't limit our customer base to just those who sell our brand in cafes or markets by the cup or whole bean. If you wish to buy the highest grade specialty coffee beans for your business, we will offer them to you at our competitive wholesale prices. There is no reason to break the bank while enjoying a fabulous cup of coffee from Costa Rica, Ethiopia, or any other part of the world we source our beans!

Our Offerings

We offer a variety of single-origin coffees and blends that reflect the best of the four major growing regions. We select the highest graded coffee we can find and artisan-roast each batch on a Loring Smart Roast S15 Falcon, whose technology allows us to lock in the flavor and consistency of each coffee, so that the maximum potential of each coffee can be achieved.

We taste-test and evaluate all of our coffees each week so that our commitment to consistency and quality is never compromised. If we don't like it, we won't sell it to you. We offer customers the opportunity to try out certain staple coffees ahead of purchasing so that the most informed decisions can be made.

We have some great blends and "table coffees" that are available all year as well, ensuring that customers won't have to worry about a signature coffee running out. Please contact us directly at wholesale@bluefirecoffee.com for details on all pricing and rotating coffee selections, or for information about our fraction packs. We invite every customer to visit us at our Roastery to sample coffees, to discuss coffee programs, and how we can best help your business.

Hot CoffeeEquipment

Blue Fire Coffee Roasters has industry partnerships with various equipment suppliers and we can offer guidance on the best equipment to suit your needs, as well as set-up purchasing and installation assistance, as needed. We can provide equipment for those customers who order a committed (volume specific) amount of coffee per week. We do not require signed contracts to do business with our customers, as we believe in the good faith of those with whom we do business.

Customer Service

Blue Fire Coffee Roasters accepts nothing less than superior attention to detail and follow-through in its business relationships. Your enjoyment of great coffee is just the beginning of our commitment to providing you with the best coffee experience, both in the cup and in our service to you. We look forward to a lifelong relationship with our coffee customers, one cup at a time. Thank you for choosing Blue Fire Coffee Roasters!

Coffee is our craft. People are our business.TM