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Our RoasterOur Philosophy

At Blue Fire Coffee Roasters, our experienced Roastmaster combines the optimal balance of both the art and science of roasting to bring out of green coffee its most desired characteristics. Providing our customers with the best cup of coffee is our desire, to make the simple pleasure of drinking coffee memorable... every time.

To achieve this, we use only the best roasting equipment in the marketplace to ensure a consistently high-quality cup. We meticulously track each roast profile for every coffee. Our roaster is a 15-kilo Loring - the most environmentally friendly coffee roaster in the market. It produces a cleaner, brighter and often more intense coffee than many other roasters. Its consistency is unparalleled.

We also sample our coffees daily, using various brewing and tasting methods to make sure the coffee we sell meets our standards of high quality for our customers.

Our Process

Bean StagesGreat roasting cannot happen without a great raw product. We start with superior Arabica beans for each offering, sourcing and buying only the top 3% specialty grade coffee from our trusted importers and producers.

Prior to roasting every batch we take a moisture reading (all green coffee has a moisture level somewhere between 7-12%) as part of the profile. The first several minutes of a roast is known as the drying phase where the beans absorb heat.

At approximately 300-350 degrees, coffee goes through various chemical and color changes (cinnamon and yellowing) and takes on the pleasant aroma of baked bread. The next critical phase of the roast begins at approximately 375-385 degrees and is referred to as "first crack", where the beans begin to rapidly give off heat. The coffee begins to "pop" audibly like popcorn.

At this time, sugars begin to brown and caramelize rapidly, along with hundreds of complex chemical reactions. Once this phase is complete, much of the magic of roasting happens. This is the most important aspect of a roast, the development stage between "first crack" and what is referred to as "second crack", the stage of a roast where coffee begins to change much more rapidly than in the earlier part of the roast.

An experienced roaster must know precisely when a roast should finish in order to bring forth all a coffee can offer. Altering a roast by just a few seconds or degrees can make all the difference in a coffee reaching its potential.

There are many ways to roast coffee and there are as many profiles it seems as coffee choices. There is disagreement sometimes within the industry on the best profiles for a particular coffee and how best to roast a coffee from a particular region. But most agree that all green buyers, roasters and end-users of this special product have a responsibility to be thoughtful "stewards" of a commodity that so many a world away work tirelessly to produce.

At Blue Fire Coffee Roasters, we take this stewardship seriously so that every crop that ultimately sees a cup is enjoyed to its fullest.

For any questions about roasting or our roasting philosophy, feel free to contact us directly by phone at 1-508-478-3473 for a coffee conversation or you can email patrick@bluefirecoffee.com and we will get back to you immediately.

Coffee is our craft. People are our business.TM