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Fair Trade & Organically Certified Coffees
We sell conventional coffees and also Fair Trade Certified and Organically Certified coffees. Fair Trade and Organic coffees are differentiated from conventional coffee based on labeling and certification requirements and on the economics of coffee that is traded globally, i.e. an attempt to provide greater economic fairness to those growers and farmers that make the least of anyone in the global coffee chain.

It is not always true that Fair Trade or Organic coffees are better priced or of better quality than conventional coffees, as some perceive. This is a source of some debate inside the industry the past few years on certifications and quality and the Fair Trade economic model doing what it has intended to do.

Some countries are unable to sell their coffee as "organically certified" due to their being too poor to pay for executing the stringent certification requirements. It is also true that some crop diseases can threaten a farmer's crop and livelihood - and the only defense is certain pesticides. It's not uncommon for a grower to have to choose between his family's well-being and meeting a third-party certification.

Coffee is our craft. People are our business.TM